Khosrow Hassanzadeh

Ya Ali Madad

Ali is the first Imam in the Shia tradition. He is famous for being a strong and humble man, famous for helping poor. He is the Imam of the Pahlavan and they revere his sword, the Khyber. In Iran, when people need help they say ‘Ya Ali Madad’. The calligraphy in the paintings dance and whirl like Sufi dervishes. The screen print is from an old photo of Pahlavan holding hands on either side of them are a court intellectual, a Dervish, a General and Mullah. The Pahlavan represent many aspects of Iranian culture that Khosrow Hassanzadeh feels are being lost today. In the Ya Ali Madad series he wanted to remind people of their beauty, strength and honour.
Silk screen/ acrylic /gold leaf/ 200 x 200cm 2008